Saturday, May 29, 2010

steel balls , nyclon balls , stainless stel balls


We at vardhman bearings introduce our self as manufacturers of all type of steel balls , we manufacture steel balls of all material grades , we have huge sizes and types in steel balls , we also export all these steel balls world wide. We also import many different brands in all type of steel balls , also stock a huge range in imported steel balls. We are also dealers of many local brands too in steel balls.
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These steel balls are used in many applications, we have all type of steel balls for all type of different applications.
Steel balls are also used as media in vibration machines for finishingSteel balls are also used in ball transfer units for conveyor applicationsSteel balls are used in quick realize couplings
Steel balls are used in bicycles, steel balls are used in couplings, steel balls are used in linear bearings for sliding applications, steel balls are used in castor wheels, steel balls are also used in toys, steel balls are used in ball bearings.Steel balls for finishing media applications, steel balls for robots, steel balls for paper industry, steel balls for textile industry, steel balls for automation, steel balls for rubber industry, steel ball for pharma industry, steel balls for chemical industry, steel balls for agricultural machines, steel balls for valves, steel balls for ball values, steel balls for valves, steel balls for special purpose machines.We make steel balls in many different grades of material like ck 45 , en 4, en - 3 , en -1 , en -31 , en - 24 , en – 36 , en – 48 , stainless steel ss 316 , ss 304 , ss 410 , ss 420 c , ss 440 c , ss 204 , ss 203 , polymer balls , nylon balls, etc.
We also make balls for rod end bearings and ball valves

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  1. stainless steel ball bearing and bearing, not only material has obvious advantages, but in the process, the precision of control, a more rigorous than ordinary bearings. In the work process of stainless steel bearings working stability, low noise, corrosion resistance, wide application, stainless steel bearings can organize the bulk of production, has realized the high strength, high precision. You can use in easy to rust, corrosion of a variety of products, widely used.