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We are the manufacturers and exporters of All types of Rod End Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearings, Ball Joint, Needle Bearings & Universal Joints, Mountings for Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders Under the Brand OKI

We at vardhman bearings manufacture cross roller guides , also we at vardhman bearings import  and stock  huge brand  in  cross roller guide ways brand like  THK cross roller guide ways WON cross roller guide ways IKO  cross roller guide ways SBC cross roller guide ways INA cross roller guide ways ABBA cross roller guide ways  NB cross roller guide ways RSI cross roller guide ways GMT cross roller guide ways CHINESE cross roller guide ways TIWAN cross roller guide ways KOREAN cross roller guide ways LINEAR WAYS cross roller guide ways STAR MAKE cross roller guide ways REXROTH cross roller guide ways SCHNEEBERGER cross roller guide ways ROSA cross roller guide ways.

We at vardhman bearings  stock  a huge range in cross roller guide ways , these cross roller guide way  are used for  linear motion and for smooth and precise moment , also for  particular stroke moment u can use these  cross roller guide ways , these cross roller guide way are used in many industry and in many applications.

Cross roller guide ways for pharma machines , Cross roller guide ways textile machines , Cross roller guide ways for cnc machines , Cross roller guide ways for press machines , Cross roller guide ways for packing machines , Cross roller guide ways  printing machine , Cross roller guide ways  CNC grinding.

The Cross Roller Guide is a limited stroke linear guide that has precision rollers orthogonalized alternately. This product provides rigid yet supple linear motion and is particularly suitable for linear guidance where high rigidity and supple movement is demanded.

Cross Roller Guide Way consists of the precisely ground raceway and the roller cage, in which precision roller are incorporated at right angle to one another, is fitted into to 90v-grooved raceway machined on the race rail.

WRG Guide way is compact linear motion system with high rigidity and high accuracy as a kind of linear motion bearing with low frictional resistance, fight clearence & non-circulation method by big rollers with big contact areas as a rolling body.
Cross Roller Bearings
An Engineeringtalk guide
Start with the news release Motors can be customised to specific applications from Ametek Technical and Industrial Products, which we summarised at the time by saying "A variety of custom options can be specified to equip Pittman brush-commutated and brushless DC motors with tailored solutions to satisfy particular application demands. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Inductive transducer use in tough environments from Zettlex: "Mark Howard of Zettlex describes why inductive transducers are chosen for the toughest jobs, how they operate and why a new generation of inductive devices is taking over. ".

In August 2010, we covered the news from Burkert Fluid Control Systems - take a look at Burkert provides control system for Mersen plant which says: "Burkert has provided a complete process control system for a new moulding station and an effluent treatment plant at Mersen's new production facility at Eurocentral in Scotland.".

Take a look also at the news release from Micromech, Micromech offers bearings for circuit-board tests, as well as Junction box enables PV panel foil termination from Tyco Electronics, and Hydraulic motors target offshore applications
A revolutionary concept from THK is set to help manufacturers and end users of automation, robotics and process systems make significant improvements to machine performance and reliability. 
A revolutionary concept from THK is set to help manufacturers and end users of automation, robotics and process systems make significant improvements to machine performance and reliability.
As part of the concept, the company's latest RA, RB and RE cross roller bearings can be used to replace traditional angular-contact ball bearing mechanisms, providing up to four times the level of stiffness, far greater rotational accuracy and the ability to handle high loads for all systems where rotation of up to or multiples of 360 degrees is required, within the low to medium speed range.
Unlike traditional mechanisms, possibly where angular ball bearings are in face-to-face contact, the RA and RB cross roller bearings use an innovative method of construction, with a sequence of cylindrical rollers being arranged at right angles to each other within a sealed 90-degree V-groove.
This forms part of a twin-ring construction, with the two rings rotating independently, with individual rollers being separated by precision-formed spacer retainers, designed to locate and securely hold each roller in the correct alignment during operation, while maximising on the ability of each roller to use its full line contact.
This system has a number of key advantages: the crossed roller arrangement allows loads in all directions to be handled from a single bearing, and the cylindrical rollers provide greater contact area so that load capacities can be significantly increased.
In addition, rotational stability, smoothness and accuracy are all enhanced, noise and frictional losses are reduced and roller skew is eliminated.

The bearings require no adjustment and can be supplied preloaded for maximum rigidity.
The RA is an ultrathin, lightweight and low-profile cross roller bearing and has been developed for lower load bearing applications, where high levels of stiffness are required, such as joints and swivelling parts in robotics systems, precision rotary tables, medical equipment and co-ordinate measuring machines.

A range of sizes is available, with inner ring diameters from 50 to 200mm.
Alternatively, type RE bearings are designed with a split inner ring, for outer ring rotation.
The RB roller bearings have a split outer ring and single inner ring, producing exceptionally high levels of rotational accuracy for applications where precise inner ring rotation is required.
Inner ring diameters range from 20 to 1250mm.
The latest cross roller bearings are supplied ready to install, with inner and outer rings and rollers ready assembled.
Fitting is therefore quick and simple, requiring only appropriate support mechanisms, with subsequent maintenance being restricted to occasional lubrication.

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