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we  at  vardhman bearings  are  manufacturers  and  exporters  of  high speed  threading taps
is a leader in manufacturing taps and dies for professional craftsman. Tap and dies are cutting tools used to make threading possible. There are many styles and types of taps and dies each designed for a specific tapping or threading purpose. The selection below show a wide range of taps and dies and explains each purpose in regards to your application. We strive to offer the widest selection of centerdrills and spotting drills. If there are specific Morse Taps and Dies you are looking for

Solid Carbide Thread Mills
ALTiN Coated 10% Micrograin Carbide

Solid Carbide offers higher cutting speeds, high rigidity,excellent hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance and long tool life.

ALTiN - Aluminum Titanium Nitride is an excellent all-around coating that is especially recommended for high thermal stress applications including dry machining, abrasive materials and difficult-to-machine materials. Benefits include higher cutting speeds and longer tool life.

HTP High Performance Taps

Application specific geometries engineered for high performance, high productivity tapping in a variety of materials. Morse Cutting Tools offers a complete selection of styles, sizes and "H" limits including metric sizes enabling you to choose the right tap to optimize your tapping application. Powder metallurgy high speed steel, unique geometry, surface finish and tool coating ensure consistent, predictable performance, at a lower cost per tapped hole.

Spiral Point SHEARTAP™
High Speed Steel Plug Style

“ShearTap” offers exceptional value for high volumeproduction tapping in carbon steels, and stainless steels up to 35 Rc hardness.

Onyx Tap
CNC Style — Spiral Point Plug Taps

• Manufactured To Table 302A Standards• High Speed Steel
• Oxide/Nitride Surface Treatment

For general purpose tapping in a wide varietyof materials up to 28Rc hardness.
Onyx Taps - Spiral Point Plug Taps

ap and Drill Kits
3 Series Available • NC, NF, Metric

• 10 popular sized high speed steel hand taps.
• 10 popular sized high speed steel screw machine length drills.
• 128 Page Machinist’s Guide for Taps.
• Packaged in a durable plastic pouch.
Hexagon Rethreading Dies Carbon Steel
Hexagon Rethreading dies are used in repair and maintenance applications to repair existing bruised or rusty threads. They are not recommended for cutting new threads.

Adjustable Round Split Dies

High Speed Steel Adjustable Round Split dies use a set screw for adjustment of the thread size for precision threading applications. High Speed Steel dies recommended for longer tool life.

Hexagon Rethreading Dies Carbon Steel
Hexagon Rethreading dies are used in repair and maintenance applications to repair existing bruised or rusty threads. They are not recommended for cutting new threads.

Combined Tap and Drill

Combined Tap and Drills drill and tap in a single pass for increased productivity. Recommended for through hole applications up to 2X the nominal diameter of the tap. The self-centering point eliminates the need for center drilling or center punching. NOTE: Drill point must penetrate the workpiece prior to start of tapping.
Combined Tap & Drill

Taper Pipe TapsGround Thread — High Speed Steel

NPT/ANPT—NPTF Chamfer – 2-3¹⁄₂ threads Regular Thread NPT taper pipe taps are commonly used for tapping pipe fittings and couplings in a wide variety of materials.
Assembly requires the use of a thread sealant to ensure a tight seal.NPTF Dryseal taper pipe taps produce threads where a tight seal is achieved during assembly by metal-to-metal contact. Used for applications requiring a tight seal without the use of thread sealants.
Interrupted Thread taper pipe taps reduce friction, increase chip capacity and enhance coolant flow to the cutting teeth for reduced chance of torn threads and improved thread quality. Recommended for a wide variety of materials, especially soft ductile materials and materials producing long continuous chips.
Morse Pipe Taps

STI (Screw Thread Insert) Taps

STI (Screw Thread Insert) taps are oversize taps that produce a thread that will accept a helical coil wire screw thread insert of the same size and pitch.
Screw Thread Insert Taps

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