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Double Check Valve Quick Release Coupling


When plug and socket are seperated.
 When plug and socket are connected.
The valve of the socket and plug is pushed against the valve seat and closed automatically.
There is no leakage of the fluid.
The valves of the socket and plug are pushed against each other, the interior of the coupling is opened, and the outside of the plug and there is no leakage to the outside.
Since both the plug and socket have a value, there is no leakage of gas, oil, etc. from either the socket or plug ends when disconnected.
Since they are manufactured by an especially high precision machining process, air tightness is a high 10-4 mmHg / sec.
The hose does not twist.
Designed for use in a wide range of applications.
  Dimensions and Weight Table
ModelTypeSize BSP/
Max Working Press. PSIDIMENSIONS(mm)Weight(g)
10PQRC-DC711/4"2500593651Hex.241 1/4-11PT592645596
12PQRC-DC81 1/2"2000593555Hex.241 1/2-11PT889968895
Max working press.
40SQRC-DC71B 1/4"25009668Ø58x51251 1/4-11PT158717281596
12SQRC-DC81 1/2"20009675Ø65x59251 1/2-11PT233025372345
Fluid ................... Operating oil
 Temperature........ 30oC ± 5oC
Flow – pressure loss characteristic
For a flow of 100 Lit / Min using the 6SP, the intersection of the horizontal axis flow at 100 Lit / Min. yields the pressure loss value of 2 kg / cm2

We at vardhman bearings are manufacturers and exporters of all type of quick release couplings , quick couplings , cam locks , new series of quick release couplings , stainless steel couplings , brass quick release coupling , aluminum quick release coupling , stainless steel 303 , 304 , 316 , 202 , 201 , 210 , 212 , 202 grade of quick release couplings , carbon steel quick release couplings , QRC ,
We use latest technology and comprehensive quality control systems in designing and manufacturing wide range of Quick Release Coupling. Designed for reliable performance, our entire range is fabricated from qualitative raw material for ultimate durability and strength. These corrosion resistant coupling come with single & double shut off valves for avoiding leakage.
QRC type coupling work on Push and Pull principle. When the Adaptor is pushed to the coupler, its is accurately held by the self locking arrangement resulting in a positive & leak proof connection. This action simultaneously opens the valve & fluid flow starts. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve of the coupler, the Adaptor ejects out and the valves shut off automatically. Valves are provided in type one way sealing & two way sealing.
  • Quick connect / Release Couplings eliminate valves and screw on fittings in many pneumatic, hydraulic and chemical systems.
  • Permits easy, safe, quick & reliable connections between delivery lines, pressure hoses etc.
  • Connection disconnection of fluid systems is as easy as plugging in an electric gadget.
Material of Construction – As Per Standards
  • Body » Available in Brass / C.S. - Chrome plated (From Bar stock only). Also available in S.S. - 304 & S.S. - 316 (From Bar stock only)
  • Spring » Available in Spring Steel S.S. - 304 / S.S. - 316 as required
  • Ball » Available in Steel, S.S. - 304 & S.S. - 316
  • Seal Materials » Available in Nitrile, Viton, Neoprene, Silicon Materials.
Sizes are mainly from 1/8 inch up to 2 inch used by various industries & having end connections like pipe thread male / female, hose shank etc.
There are three types of Quick Couplings mainly used as follows
1. Through Bore QRC – Make - “VE-Lock – T”
2. Single check valve QRC (One way shut off type) – Make - “VE-Lock – V”
3. Double check vslve qrc (two way type ) - MAKE - " VELOCK - DC "
Quick release coupling - through bore type
Bore type quick release couplings have no check valves. These are ideal for maximum flow application. Their smooth, open bore offers the lowest pressure drop of any quick disconnected couplings and allows them to be through cleaned. Since there is no valves, fluid flow should be shut off before the coupling is disconnected.
Application :-
Where quickly detachable and rotatable connections are needed
Also used where regulation and closure of line is achieved by back up valves
Quick release coupling - single check valve type
One way sealing with one check valve build in to coupler only, where as plug do not have any check valve
Application: -
These couplings are used extensively when it is important to minimize fluid loss upon disconnection.
Quick release coupling - double check valve type
Double check valve type qrc having in build check valves in both part as coupler & adaptor this types of qrc applied for the systems where the minimum fluid loss requirements during disconnection. In double check valve type qrc,we refer iso 7241 - b standards qrc as general purpose & iso 7241 -a type for high pressure application only.
Application: -
used extensively when it is important to minimize fluid loss upon disconnection.
To see the details technical data sheet for all types of quick release coupling


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