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Holmbury Ltd. miscellaneous couplings for various industrial, commercial, construction, mining, agricultural and trucking applications.
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F Series High Flow, Safety Couplings
Holmbury High Flow Safety Couplings offer two important benefits, high flow and low pressure drop characteristics and safety locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection. Two sizes are offered, 3/4" and 1", both with BSP thread.

TB Series Trailer Brake Couplings
Holmbury Trailer Brake Couplings are used to connect the hydraulic braking system of tractors to their trailers. The male coupling is normally panel mounted on the tractor and is available with metric and BSP threads.

HPA Series High Pressure, Ball Couplings
Holmbury High Pressure Ball Seal Screwed Couplings can be connected and disconnected even with a low residual hydraulic pressure in the line. The screw connection mechanism eliminates Brinelling (indentation of the locking balls into the retaining groove) and thus makes the couplings suitable for high pressures and pressure pulse applications. Two sizes are offered, 1/4" and 3/8" NPT.
Holmbury Limited is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic components, primarily quick connect couplings, screw-to-connect couplings and valves.
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Ball Valves

Hose Burst Valves

Check Valves

Rotary Couplings


Holmbury Limited is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic components, primarily quick action couplings, screw-to-connect couplings and valves. In addition to its UK Headquarters, it has offices and warehousing in the USA and distribution outlets worldwide.
Holmbury was founded in 1982 when it designed and produced the first working flat face couplings. These couplings became extremely popular with many of the world's major construction industry OEMs thanks to their robust construction and longevity. The company prospered and to facilitate the expansion of its operations, in 1999 it moved a larger facility, located in Tonbridge, Kent.

Today, Holmbury's product range includes: flat face, conventional and screw couplings, ball valves and check valves, all of which are sold throughout the world.
Since 1982, global customers in construction equipment, trucking, material handling, industrial and injection moulding industries have relied on Holmbury as a centralised, accountable source for the widest array of couplings, coupling adapters, plate connectors, valves and accessories.

Quick Release Couplings - HOLMBURY U.K.

Sizes 1/4". Flat face, non spill couplings, trivalent plated carbon steel construction.
Sizes 1/4" - 1 1/4" are dimensionally compliant with ISO 16028. Working pres sure: 315 bar.
Sizes 1 1/2" - 2" are not covered by an international standars. Working pressure 250 bar
 Sizes 1/4" - 1 1/4" Flat face, non spill couplings, Fully complaint with ISO 16028 AMD. 1 :2006. Working pressure : 300 - 400 bar.
Carbon steel treated to increase hardeness and corrosion residence, flat faced, easy clean, non-spill. For excavator hammers and other high impulse applications.
 Sizes 1/4" - 3/8" Flat face, non spill couplings,
Working pressure : 720 bar.
Zinc plated carbon steel with a 302 stainless steel spring. Unique safety feature prevents accidental disconnection.

Sizes 1/4" - 1/2" 1
Working pressure : 300 bar.
Zinc plated carbon steel.
BC Series-circlip retention
Bt Series-threaded body, nut retention.
Connects with H and HQ series couplings
 Sizes 1/4" - 3/8" NPT.
Working pressure : 700 bar.
High pressure ball seal screw couplings.
Trivalent plated carbon steel.
Connection and disconnection can be made even with low residual pressure in the line.
 Sizes 1/4" - 1/2" Pressure washer couplings.
Working pressure : 500-700 bar.
High pressure ball seal screw couplings.
High pressure, free flow, valveless couplings. carbon steel with nickel or zinc plating. Use for the transmission of non-hazardous substances such awater.

Sizes 1/4" - 1 1/2"
Working pressure : 300-450 bar.
Screw to connect, poppet couplings.
Hardened carbon steel, Trivalent plated, nitrile seals. For heavy duty service conditions in construction plant, machinery and vehicles.
 Sizes M14-M15
Working pressure : 300-400 bar.
Screw to connect, zero leakage couplings, Hardened carbon steel, Trivalent plated, nitrile seals. For heavy duty service conditions in construction plant, machinery and vehicles.
 Sizes 3/8" - 2"
Working pressure : 250-500 bar.
Trivalent plated carbon steel. Heavy duty, screw couplings for high pressure pulse applications. Connect and disconnect under pressure. Supplied with caps and plugs.


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