Friday, January 24, 2014

STIEBER BEARINGS agent dealer stockiest vardhman bearings one way clutch bearings



ASNU Series

ASNU is a roller type freewheel non bearing supported. Bearings are required to support axial and radial loads. Nominal outer diameter is the same as a series 63.. ball bearing.
AS Series

AS is a roller type freewheel non bearing supported.Bearings are required to support axial and radial loads. Lubrication and sealing must also be provided by the installation.Nominal outside dimensions are the same as series 62.. ball bearings.
CSK Series

Type CSK is a sprag type freewheel integrated into a 62 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40).

All the CSK versions are equipped with sprags. The process increases several times the overrunning life time.

Oil bath lubrication is also possible if the original grease is first flushed out using a suitable solvent.
CSK P and CSK PP Series

In addition to the basic CSK model, type CSK..P features a keyway on the inner race. For this reason it can be keyed to a shaft to k6 tolerance.

CSK PP Series 

CSK..PP features a keyway on both the inner and outer race. The recommended mounting tolerances are h6 on the shaft and H6 in a rigid housing.
DC Series

DC is a sprag type freewheel cage without inner or outer races.It must be installed in a design providing races, bearing support for axial and radial loads, lubrication and sealing.The sprag space tolerance must not be exceeded.


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