Wednesday, December 5, 2012

rexroth bosch rexroth bearings

we at vardhman bearings  are  dealer for  rexroth  bearings star make  bearings , linear bearings , rexroth  bosch rexroth bearings

we stock  a  hugh  stock in  bosch rexroth star  make  bearings

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GoTo End Bearings and Pillow Blocks - Ships in 24 Hours1
GoTo End Bearings and Pillow Blocks
Features of Rexroth's End Bearings and Pillow Blocks include:

- Easy installation due to variable fixture options, along with reference edges
- High axial load capacity with precision angular contact bearings
- Available from stock in variety of sizes
- Effective full contact sealing

To get details about Rexroth's GoTo End Bearings and Pillow Blocks, click on the part numbers below. To buy online, click on the eShop USA links below.
Bearing LAF

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159001200 LAF 20x5/20 eShop USA 
R159001730 LAF 25x5/10/25 eShop USA 
R159002030 LAF 32x5/10/20/32 eShop USA 
R159003030 LAF 40x5 eShop USA 
R159032530 LAF 40x10/20/40 eShop USA 

Bearing LAN

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159010600 LAN 12x5/10 eShop USA 
R159011000 LAN 16x5/10/16 eShop USA 
R159011200 LAN 20x5/20 eShop USA 
R159011730 LAN 25x5/10/25 eShop USA 
R159012030 LAN 32x5/10/20/32 eShop USA 
R159013030 LAN 40x5 eShop USA 
R159022530 LAN 40x10/20/40 eShop USA 

Bearing LAD

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159060600 LAD 12x5/10 eShop USA 
R159061000 LAD 16x5/10/16 eShop USA 
R159061200 LAD 20x5/20
(12mm ID) 
eShop USA 
R159061500 LAD 20x5/20
(15mm ID) 
eShop USA 
R159061700 LAD 25x5/10/25 eShop USA 
R159062000 LAD 32x5/10/20/32
(20mm ID) 
eShop USA 
R159062500 LAD 32x5/10/20/32
(25mm ID) 
eShop USA 
R159063000 LAD 40x5/10/20/40 eShop USA 

Pillow Block SEB-L

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159160620 SEB-L 12x5/10 eShop USA 
R159161020 SEB-L 16x5/10/16 eShop USA 
R159161220 SEB-L 20x5/20 eShop USA 
R159161720 SEB-L 25x5/10/25 eShop USA 
R159162020 SEB-L 32x5/10/20/32 eShop USA 
R159163020 SEB-L 40x5 eShop USA 
R159163010 SEB-L 40x10/20/40 eShop USA 

Pillow Block SEB-F

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159110620 SEB-F 12x5/10 eShop USA 
R159111020 SEB-F 16x5/10/16 eShop USA 
R159111220 SEB-F 20x5/20 eShop USA 
R159111730 SEB-F 25x5/10/25 eShop USA 
R159112030 SEB-F 32x5/10/20/32 eShop USA 
R159113030 SEB-F 40x5 eShop USA 
R159122530 SEB-F 40x10/20/40 eShop USA 

Pillow Block SEC-F

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159401200 SEC-F 20x5/20 eShop USA 
R159402000 SEC-F 32x5/10/20/32 eShop USA 
R159403000 SEC-F 40x5/10/20/40 eShop USA 

Pillow Block SEC-L

Part Number Description Buy Online 
R159461500 SEC-L 20x5/20 eShop USA 
R159462000 SEC-L 32x5/10/20/32 eShop USA 
R159463000 SEC-L 40x5/10/20/40 eShop USA 
Shipment Info: All of the products listed above have a shipping time of 24 hours with 3 maximum quantity.

1 GoTo product focused delivery times are available only for the quantities and if applicable, the preferred options listed for the product. Order spikes can cause temporary extended lead times. If your need is critical please contact the factory for confirmed delivery times.
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